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The Pronoun Dressing Room


This is a super nifty program that has a fairly extensive list of pronouns available, and the ability to just manually enter your own pronouns if they are not on the list. Then it generates blocks of text with your name and pronouns. (from existing stories/books actually)

All example text blocks come with trigger warnings if you should need them. (there’s labeled with trigger warnings before you click on the button to make the text appear)

So it’s a great resource to see how pronouns fit into sentences and how they work in text/conversation. It could be a nifty tool to help acclimate yourself to uncommon pronouns.

So yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Is also really affirming to see real name and pronouns in use. ^_____^

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genderv0id asked: I LOVE YOUR URL

Thank you so much, this made my morning. ^_^

It is an honor to meet a penguinfriend! I hope you have a lovely day. :) 

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urlundetermined asked: Hi. So I'm pretty sure I've already done this, but I just now realized I should have asked. Is it okay to reblog your "Today my gender is..." posts? I like them and some really speak to me. If you're not okay with it, I'm sorry I did that before.

Hi. Thanks for the ask, and thank you for asking. 

Go ahead and reblog. :) I am happy to be of service to people with similar experiences.

Hope you have a great day!